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Mrs. R. Hodge

Our first book reports are done. Nice work, everyone!

Check out these pictures:

Thank you for your support, families!

Then next book report will be due January 30, 2019!

October News

Third and fourth grades have spent some time learning about the rights and responsibilities that we have in our country. We have also studied the structure and function of our national government. Then, we focused some attention on New Hampshire specifically. We read a few of the first articles in the New Hampshire Constitution. All of us found the wording easier to understand when we used Marek Bennet’s graphically-drawn version. You can check this resource out online at https://livefreeanddraw.com/links/nh-constitution/  

Our class has also studied the characteristics and needs of living things. As a grade- appropriate introduction to cells, we made a model of a plant cell. The cell wall was a plastic sandwich box, a peach half was the nucleus, grapes were mitochondria, a marshmallow was a vacuole, cytoplasm was lime jello, ribosomes were cut up jelly beans, and green candy Dots were the chloroplasts. Before we ate them, the parts were labeled and our class visited the 7th grade class to see their Power Point slide shows about cells and share our models. Then, we ate them. Thanks to Pittsburg grade 4 teacher Norma Underhill for this fun idea!

Math focus has recently been rounding for both grades. Learning to make estimates for answers in math is an important skill because it helps to determine if more difficult calculations are reasonable, or if an error has been made.

Language arts instruction has continued to progress smoothly in Walk to Read groups. This structure allows students to get the most targeted instruction for their needs, ensuring that optimal gains are made by every single student.  

Our class has settled in nicely to our routines, and our community of learners has begun to bond together over a few major activities. One is our collection of recess Tag games, and another is the recent writing workshop with Simon Brooks, storyteller. Please check out the photos, below!

Our first book reports are coming up! Here are this year's due dates: November 7, January 30, March 27, and June 5. Please check out the link, below, for more information, and also stay tuned for a letter home about this major (at home) part of third and fourth grade!
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