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Mrs. R. Hodge

February News

This has been a really short month! We have finished our Nutrition Unit with the UNH Cooperative Extension, finished outstanding brochures about ancient Egyptian topics, created a new bulletin board as a class. We’ve done another round of book reports, and moved forward toward mastering multiplication tables. Both grades have worked on division as well. Third graders are studying fractions, while fourth grade is working on long division.

Every Friday we write a letter home in a Friday Journal to a family member about the week in school. By this time of year, third graders are expected to write three full paragraphs while fourth graders are expected to write four full paragraphs. Then, over the weekend sometime, parents are invited to write a letter back in the Friday Journal. As I’m sure families realize, these letter replies really help your child start the week off well and show your child how much you care about them and their time at school. Family involvement = a successful, happy student! So, thank you, families, for adding another thing to your list to help your child do well at school by writing back!

Check out these Book Report #3 photos!

January News from Third and Fourth Grades

The month of January has seen some focused social studies research on Ancient Egypt. Students have started to work on compiling that research into a trifold brochure using Microsoft Publisher during their Computers time. This is a major endeavor for these students, and they are doing extremely well with it!

We have changed our third Book Report Presentation date. Students will be expected to have their first draft of their written book report done by Wednesday, February 7, and be ready to present their art project on Wednesday, February 21.

Third and Fourth graders have just started a Nutrition Unit in science. This is a program facilitated by the University of New Hampshire’s Cooperative Extension that teaches about healthy eating and food habits. It is a change and is easy for all of us to relate to!

 Book Report #2 Fun!

Book report #2 was a terrific success. Families, thank you for your support! Check out these photos!

Book Report #3 will be presented on  Friday, February 21st. Both the ART PROJECT and the Final Written Summary are due then! 

Check out this creative seasonal artwork!

October News from Third and Fourth Grade

We have made it through our first book reports. There were some stunning examples of quality work this time! I hope you enjoy the photos! For the Art Project component, next time your child must choose a different way of expressing his/herself. For example, if a poster was created this time, you must not make another poster about your book. By the end of the week everyone should be finished choosing their next book and on their way reading it. If at any time you feel that your child has chosen a book that you are not comfortable with, or have questions about, please let me know. My contact info is rhodge@scs.sau7.org or 246-7082.)

You may have noticed your child coming home with magazines sometimes, or heard mention of Magazine Monday. This is something we do every so often to liven up our nightly reading. It is very popular and we can learn some really cool things from articles. It is our hope (the students and mine) that you will try to do some Magazine Monday reading with your family. Every morning after Magazine Monday we will have a shared discussion about some of the things that were read. This helps to practice important speaking and listening skills, and gives every student a chance to be in the spotlight thinking on his or her feet while the rest of the class considers how to link comments to other knowledge and form appropriate questions.

We have a new classroom science project. If we are successful, it will be ongoing for the whole year. Some like to refer to them as pets, but our classroom worms have a job to do: composting food that we don’t eat. This helps us to learn about ecology and brings to life some of the concepts we talk about at this grade level.  

September News

September has been a wonderful month of learning and reviewing expectations, procedures and rules. All students should solidly understand our spelling, vocabulary, and math daily and weekly routines. Please ask them questions about what we’re doing-- they should be pros! I also would love to hear your thoughts about what you learn about what we’re doing this year. Please remember that I am always eager and available to talk with families about small and large issues at (603) 246 7082 or by email: rhodge@scs.sau7.org.

We went on our first field trip to the New Earth Organic Farm on Piper Hill. We helped to harvest carrots and potatoes and realized that we eat some tasty root vegetables that grow very well in northern New Hampshire! Though it was a short trip, we had fun and also learned a few more new French words. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Our FIRST BOOK REPORTS were a great success! 

All students will be expected to present 4 book reports this year. Each one will consist of a 4 paragraph written summary of a chapter book and an art project that illustrates some aspect of the book. These will be worked on mostly AT HOME!!! These assignments will help to prepare students to be independent learners, which will benefit them in their school careers and life. This expectation follows a school-wide policy which I would be happy to talk with you about further.
We will be choosing books together during the first week or two at school. Your child is welcome to also bring in a book from home for my approval. Then, he/she should begin to read during nightly homework reading! 
Book Report Due Dates** 
  • Friday, October 13, 2017
  • Friday December 1, 2017
  • Friday, February 21, 2018
  • Friday, May 11, 2018

**may be adjusted if needed
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