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Archives 2015-2016

April  2016

Last week “Poem in the Pocket Day” was a great success throughout the school. The students in grades five through eight enthusiastically created colorful posters with their original poems. They used the Diamante poem format and also wrote Haiku poems. The students read poetry throughout the day, in the classroom, in the hallways, and over the loud speaker for all to hear. What a great day!

Mrs. Stebbins

March  2016

Students in grades five through eight have been using their writing class time to create unusual stories about “Flying Tennis Shoes”. There are definitely some days that I wish I had a pair of those sneakers. Hum……….what other things can we invent for them to do??? The fifth and sixth graders are also spending time crafting and creating sentences, and paragraphs using exact language. The writing being produced is certainly improving. Holes and The Giver  are the books we have started reading in grades seven and eight. These are two great pieces of literature which will really have us thinking about our own lives, and how life could certainly be different for us than it is now. Happy Spring!


Mrs. Stebbins

 February 2016

Students in grades five through eight have been using their writing class time to create argument/persuasive essays. The fifth and sixth graders are writing about using the Minecraft video game at school, discussing the pros and cons of the game. The seventh and eighth graders have been discussing the election, candidates’ merits, and what makes a person a good choice for the office of president. These topics have been the source of some heated, enthusiastic discussion, as well as good writing ideas. Mrs. Bergman, once again, had us thinking and growing our brains with a magnificent(college word), exact language writing lesson. The fifth and sixth graders created some amazing and extraordinary(college word) sentences. I am looking forward to reading and writing some splendid(college word)sentences as our writing lessons continue.

Mrs. Stebbins

January 2016

Brrrrrr!  Winter is definitely here.

 The students in grades five through eight have been busy reading, writing, and learning about the brain. Grades five and six have enthusiastically welcomed Mrs. Bergman, a traveling teacher, into our classroom to teach us about mindset. We have learned about how the brain works to build strong pathways and connections, during the learning process. Our social studies lessons have centered on geography this month. We have learned about the continents, the Middle East, and the United States Regions, using maps to help focus with these lessons. Seventh and Eighth graders will soon finish reading “Shiloh”, a book that has tested our ideas and feelings about pets, animal cruelty, and telling the truth.

Let’s keep building those pathways and connections!

Mrs. Stebbins

December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

     This month we have been busy practicing the writing process in grades five through eight. Our writing binders are all set up, with sections for each step of the process. The ideas are flowing and the students have written some creative stories. We are also in the process of completing our mid-year testing for reading fluency, comprehension, and spelling. We are looking forward to our holiday concert, classroom party, and a well-deserved winter break.

       Mrs. Dorothy Stebbins

November 2015

       Our first quarter of the year really flew by, and the students have been doing a great job. Lots of awards were given at the Honor Roll Ceremony. We are proud of all of our students, keep up the good work!

       The students in grades five through eight all participated in a writing assignment that was greatly appreciated by many people in our community. The students wrote letters of thanks to area Veterans, that were given out at a Veteran’s Day breakfast.  I would like to thank all of my students for their acts of kindness. These same students have set up their own classroom writing binder that they will add to all year long. The stories they have written so far have been very creative.

Mrs. Dorothy Stebbins

October 2015

Students in grades five and six have been busy discovering, studying, and practicing strategies to help them become better readers. Parents can remind their children to follow the “Reading Process “ steps.

Before reading:

1.       Set a purpose

2.       Preview the reading

3.       Plan a reading strategy

During reading:

1.       Read with a purpose

2.       Connect personally to the text

3.       Visualize the text

After reading:

1.       Pause and reflect

2.       Reread for better understanding

3.       Remember what you read

Students, remember to follow these steps every time you read. Our “Reader’s Handbook” reminds us that, ”Reading well can take a lot of time and is not always easy. But why spend time and not get anything from it?”

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Stebbins

September 2015

Grades five through eight have had a very busy start to our 2015-2016 school year. We have been practicing our routines, rules and schedule changes often, and we are finally starting to remember what times we switch classes.

     Parents , please be aware that my students are required to read every night for homework, and to log their time on a reading log. This reading log is collected every Monday morning for a homework grade. Please verify that your child has read for the amount of time assigned, by signing their log.

We are having a great start to our year!

Mrs. Stebbins

May 2015

Students in Mrs.Stebbins' 5/6 and 7/8  classes  were able to create poetry books to complete their Language Arts units.The 5/6 class published their poetry book through funding provided by the Children's Literacy Foundation Teacher's Mini Grant. The 5/6 students received their hard-cover books on Friday, May 15.   

April 2015

Our poetry unit has been in full swing this month. Creating simile poems, haikus, cinquains, and  diamante form poems has been lots of fun and we have learned a lot. The fifth and sixth grade class put together a poetry book. This will be available for everyone to see by mid-May. The seventh and eighth graders are working on poetry also, with more in-depth lessons on structure, rhyme, and rhythm. They have also enjoyed reading and writing poems. Monday, April 27, 2015 will be our second annual “Poem in your Pocket Day”. Poetry will be read throughout the day in all classrooms. Happy Spring!

March 2015

     Hello, from the grades  5 and 6 classroom. We have started a UbD poetry unit called “ Discovering Poetry” and are very excited about this new learning experience. First we will learn about  figurative language, form, and style, identifying and creating examples of our own . Next we will write some poems using what we will have learned about literary elements. The culminating activity at the end of our unit will be to make a class poetry book. This promises to be a great learning experience. Mrs. Stebbins

February 2015

     It has again been a very busy month, with lots of snow and cold weather. Most of the grade 5/6 class has been enjoying participating in the swimming and skating activities on Wednesday afternoons. The students that have stayed at the school, have had the opportunity to use the Wii exercise, Just Dance, video. That has been lots of fun also.

     We have been reading informational stories from our “Storyworks” or “Scope” magazines for last week’s grades five through eight classes, in between our testing sessions. There have been videos and lively discussions around the reading pieces.

    Hopefully the weather will warm up a little so we can spend more time outside soon. We are all looking forward to Valentine’s Day, our vacation, and some sunshine! J

January 2015    

    Wow! What a busy month this has been. We started an exercise incentive, just after vacation, for the last 100 days of school. We color in a sneaker part, after we exercise, every day. This has proved to be challenging and fun for our class. We finished reading fiction stories, and have started nonfiction articles from our “Storyworks” or “Scope” magazines for this week’s grades five through eight classes. The focus has continued to be plot, story details, vocabulary, and for grades five and six, it includes writing with more details.

      Grades 7 and 8 are coming to the end of the prehistory chapter they have been studying since before vacation. They all presented research information, to their classmates, on Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon societies. Grades 5 and 6 are beginning a chapter on ancient societies. Lots of great lessons about Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia will be coming up soon.