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January/February 2019

January/February 2019



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Due:  February 11, 2019


Use your time wisely; we will have some class time devoted to this, but you will have to work on it at home.


FOOD: Research and make a food that was eaten during the time of the American Revolution.

Bring the recipe and the food in to share with everyone.

Note: this should not be food we usually eat today, even if it is also historical.


2-D ART: Create a storybook, or a comic strip, or a painting that illustrates something about the

American Revolution. Include a caption. This can be done by hand or on a computer, but if it must be your original art drawn by you.


3-D ART: Create a sculpture or model of something from the American Revolution. For example, maybe you could re-create a battle scene in three dimensions? Or a famous person? Or a soldier in uniform? Include a description.


CLOTHES: Sew or piece together doll-sized clothing from the Revolution; one or two outfits.


POETRY: Write a poem about the American Revolution (in your own words).


QUILL & INK: Research instructions on how to make a quill pen and colonial ink. Carefully

make them, and use them to write a quote from/about the time period.


MUSIC: Play a Revolutionary tune on an instrument or write and perform a song (in any style) about that time period. Or bring colonial music to listen to and teach us a colonial dance! Bring background information to explain what the audience will be hearing.


MEDICINE: Create a display showing common forms of treating illness and injury in this time.


OTHER: What ideas do you have?



10 Neatness     10 Historical accuracy     10 Creativity  

10 Presentation/Explanation    10 Understanding

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." --T.S. Eliot--