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May/June 2018

Where has the merry month of May gone? It certainly has been a nice month despite the ups and downs in the weather. Our year is nearly over and we sit and wonder where it went. As we look back, we realize how much new content we've learned and/or been exposed to. We have faced many new challenges, embraced most of them, and this has led us to tremendous intellectual growth. Everyone needs a good long break to absorb all we've learned--it is coming soon--don't worry!

May has been spent hitting the fractions hard--adding/subtracting with unlike denominators, adding/subtracting mixed numbers, and multiplying fractions. We've been reading rich text in the Scholastic Storyworks magazine and working on vocabulary, analyzing text features, summarizing, and critical thinking skills.  Argument writing has been the focus this month. It has been quite challenging for all of us, but we are persevering and stretching our brains. In Science, we looked at learning the differences between minerals and rocks. We also had a fun time with Everett Frizzell when we built water bottle rockets and launched them 300 to 400 feet in the air. Yippee!! Social Studies was a bit more student driven. After looking at the Industrial Revolution, students chose a topic related to westward expansion, researched the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the topic and presented the information to the class.  Their creativity in the "object" portion of the task was awesome.