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1st and 2nd Grade News 2018-2019

During the first week of school, we have been spending time going over classroom procedures and getting to know each other.  We have a new student that has joined our class this year.  Students were quick to make friends with her and make her feel welcomed at SCS!   I can tell we are going to have a PAWSome year!


First and Second graders have been off to a PAWSative start! We spent the first few weeks of school learning new routines and practicing the skills that we will need to make the classroom run smoothly.  During Math, we split into grade level groups and complete work accordingly. We are very excited to be launching an expanded approach to language arts called Walk to Read. We are a lucky enough this year to have been able to align schedules with grades 3 and 4.   During this time we are split into smaller groups to be able to work even closer to students needs.   We are still using the classroom structure called Daily 5. Students currently have the chance to choose between Read to Self and Read to Someone.  Soon they will be able to engage in Word Work, Listen to Reading, and Work on Writing. We have started practicing word sorts in the classroom and will eventually be sending these home.  In Science, we have started learning about Autumn. We have read many books and have experimented with leaves to see why leaves change color.

Homework each night is for Grade 1 to read for 10 minutes and Grade 2 to read for 20 minutes. Please sign chart in agenda to acknowledge that this has been done.
First and second graders have continued to practice the routines for Walk to Read.   They are currently learning new reading strategies, reading for fluency and comprehension, practicing writing, and practicing phonic skills every day! I am very happy with the results we have observed in just one month of launching Walk to Read.  We have continued to practice word sorts in the classroom and students are beginning to fall into a routine with what they need to do each day. In Science, we are finishing up a plant unit with a focus on apple tree life cycles and pumpkin life cycles.  We did some fun activities including apple tasting, apple prints, making apple pie in a cup, estimating pumpkin sizes, and cutting into pumpkins!
Apple Tasting
Apple Prints
Apple Pie in a Cup!
We used shaving cream to write descriptive words when learning about word choice with Mrs. Bergie!

First and Second grade has had a busy November! It seems as though the month just began and now we are already nearing the end!   

In Math, we second graders  have continued to learn about place value to 100.  We have practiced different strategies to add and subtract 2 double digit numbers.  Most of the strategies have focused on mental addition and subtraction or using the 100’s chart to add or subtract.   We are now diving in deeper to learning how to add numbers to 100. First graders have continued to to practice addition to 20.  We have practiced different strategies, such as adding doubles, doubles plus one, and making a ten to add. In addition to the lesson of the day, students start warming up their math brain with a math activity, are reviewing the skill learned from the day previous, and are playing a math game that is focused on skills we are learning or have learned,

In Social studies, we are learning about communities.  We learned about what makes up a community, how there are different types of communities and who our community helpers are.   Students were very excited to share what job they want when they grow up!


The month of December always proves to seem to fly by! In Math, we have been busy learning many new skills.  Second grade has continued to practice adding numbers to 100 with and without regrouping. We have now continued to learn how to subtract numbers from 100 with or without regrouping.  This has proved to be a little more challenging, but we have preserved through and are doing terrific! First graders have continued to use different strategies to practice addition to 20.  Many students have started to become fluent with their doubles facts. We have now started learning different strategies to subtract from 20.

Language Arts groups continue to be both appropriate and challenging to students.  Students are in a routine of what they should be doing during this time and even with the upcoming holiday are using this time appropriately.  In the classroom, we read various different versions of the “Gingerbread Man”, have wrote our own gingerbread stories, did a gingerbread science and experiment, and will have a gingerbread treat on Friday at our holiday party.  

In Science, we have been learning about the three states of matter.  We performed many mini experiments to learn more about this. Many students were surprised to learn that a solid didn’t have to be hard or that you could turn a liquid into a gas.  

This we started out holiday craft. Students have really taking their time on the project and are excited to complete it and bring it home to their families. I hope that you have a relaxing and wonderful holiday!


Students learned that the strength of the force applied to an object affects the motion. A big force makes a big change. A small force results in a small change.

First and second graders have been busy learning about motion and energy. We have been busy learning about motion and energy.  We have learned about the forces of energy and have explored various simple machines. We will soon explore magnets!

In Math, first graders have started learning about double digits to 100.  We have practiced counting by 2's and 10's. Second grade has begun to explore 3 digit numbers to 1000.

In Language Arts we continue Walk to Read.  Some students have moved to different groups and are adjusting well.  Students are excited to be reading from their new tub levels. The reading practice each night is sure paying off!

We have had many friends out sick over the past few weeks.  I am encouraging students to wash their hands well, cover their coughs, and not to share food or drinks.   


February has been a month of celebrations!  We started off celebrating Groundhog’s Day and later that week celebrated the 100th Day of School!  For the 100th day we made a snack of 100 pieces, stacked 100 cups, solved 100 piece puzzles, did a 100 exercises, and read 100th day books.  The next week we celebrated Valentine’s Day by passing out Valentine’s in the morning and having a Valentine’s Day snack and activities in the afternoon.   

In between all our celebrations we have started learning about people from the past, which was tied into President’s day.  We learned about the history of schools, transportation, and homes and how they have changed over the years. Students enjoyed taking an a walk around the room to look at different artifacts from schools of the past and were eager to try and figure out what they were.  In Math, first graders have continued to learn about double digits to 100, while second grade has continued to explore 3 digit numbers to 1000.

We are all looking forward to the winter break and being able to have some much needed downtime. I hope you all have an enjoyable break and that when we return so does some warmer weather!


We started this month out with Read Across America week.   We were excited to have guest readers and participate in fun dress up themed days.  In class, we read many Dr. Seuss books. One book that we read was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and then completed an experiment with swedish fish.  We also read The Butter Battle Book.   After reading we made butter out of heavy cream.  Students enjoyed shaking their container. After about 10 minutes of shaking we stopped to check out what was happening and have a taste of the now whip cream.  I was surprised at how many students liked it, even though there was no sugar in it. Once we shook the containers for another 5 to 10 minutes we had butter! We were excited to try it on crackers.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mr. Frizzell and Mrs. Bergie all in the same week!  With Mr. Frizzell, we experimented with yeast and learned the importance of using yeast when making bread!  Students were excited to watch the dough grow as the day went on. With Mrs. Bergie, we played a mindset game and also learned an activity called “Mirror Me”.  

In Math, first grade students have continued learning about numbers to 100.  They have been practicing naming numbers that are 10 more or 10 less and have started adding groups of 10.  In second grade, they have continued practicing adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers and have started learning about shapes.  In second grade we are learning about angles, vertices, faces, and edges as well as the difference between plane shapes and 3D shapes.  

In Social Studies, we have continued learning about famous people.  Students were very excited to learn about people from out past. Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Alexander Graham Bell, and George Washington Carver are some of the famous people we have learned about this month.  


In Math, first grade students started the month of April out by practicing adding and subtracting groups of 10.  We have finished the month by practicing measuring. We used various different objects to measure many items around the room.  Objects that we used to measure included cubes, paper clips, and straws. We learned how to pick the appropriate tool to measure with and learned about estimating length of objects.  We have also started learning about telling time. In first grade, students will learn how to tell and write time to the hour and half hour. In second grade we have been learning about money.  We learned how to count money and are now learning how to add and subtract money.

For the month of April we have been learning all about animals.  We spent a few weeks learning about the different animal groups. This proved to be challenging, but after reading many books about mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects we were able to sort animals based on their characteristics into the different groups.  We spent the remainder of the month learning about various animal topics such as animal migration, body parts, animal adaptations, animal habitats, and different life cycles.

We are all excited for Spring and are hoping for some warmer weather.  I hope that everyone had a relaxful and enjoyable April vacation and are ready for the last part of the school year!


This month we have been learning about the Solar System.  We read books about each planet and learned many exciting facts about each of the 8 planets.  1st and 2nd graders were upset that Pluto is now a dwarf planet and hope that one day it will be considered the ninth planet again.  Students created posters showing the planets in relationship to the Sun.

In Math, first graders continued learning how to tell time and practiced reading and creating different types of graphs.  Graphs that they learned about were pictographs, bar graphs, and line graphs. We are now learning about shapes. In second grade, we continued to add and subtract money. We have also learned about telling time, and reading and creating different types of graphs.  Soon we will start practicing some early third grade math skills!

We recently started learning about Earth’s resources.  We will be learning how to keep Earth clean and the importance of the 3 R’s-reduce, reuse, recycle!


I want to take a moment and thank you for all of your support throughout the year.  It is greatly appreciated and has contributed to a wonderful year! It is fantastic to have a group of parents that are so involved in their child’s education.

I am proud of how hard the first and second graders have worked to get ready for the next grade.  Over the past year I have watched every one of my students grow and change. They are all reading and writing so well!

Over the summer, skills can be lost if not continually practiced.  I suggest continued practice in both math and reading. This can be done through everyday tasks, such as counting out how many plates are needed for dinner or helping to read a recipe.  Most importantly, read to your child and have them read to you!

Happy Summer!