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Grades 6/7 Test and Quiz Dates

Items that prepare for test                                                                       

Thursday, September 28th                                                                            

Grades 6/7                                                                                                         

·         Steps to Lab Report (in order)                                           

·         Steps to Scientific Method                                                      

·         Chapter 24 Section 1 (Living Earth)                                        

Know the following terms:                                                     

Biosphere, ecosystem, population,                                    

Community, habitat

·         Chapter 24 Section 3 (Interactions within                                         


Know the terms: producer, consumer,niche

·         Chapter 25 Section 1 (Abiotic Factors)                                  

·         Know abiotic factors: air, water, soil, sunlight,                

temperature, and climate                                                           

·         Chapter 25 Section 2(Cycles in Nature)                                  

        Need to describe each cycle: Water, Carbon,                      


·         Know the terms: evaporation, condensation,

nitrogen fixation,