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Mr. Kennedy

Middle School Science


                Science News for Middle Schoolers!

Another school year is upon us.  Once again, science students will be engaged, learning, and increasing 

their scientific knowledge.  I hope to challenge your student each and every day.

Grading system for all grades include the following:

35%-Tests, Presentations

20%-Lab Reports

15% Homework

15% Quizzes

15% Challenges ( Question, Create something, etc.)

I am always here to help in any way to improve your child’s understanding of science topics.  Please call 

246-7082, email jkennedy@scs.sau7.org, or come visit me at the school.


Ionic Bonding vs. Covalent Bonding-What’s the difference?  Sixth grade students are learning the difference between these two types of atomic bonding.  Using their knowledge of the Bohr model of atoms, grade 6 students can determine the difference either by drawing an example or just looking at the Periodic Table of Elements.  Do you know the difference between a metal and non-metal?  The answer is also found in the Periodic Table of Elements.

Why do we classify living things?  Grade 7 students are learning how to classify all living things.  Can you remember “King Phillip Came Over For Great Spaghetti?”  If you can you can remember that, it will help you remember the classifications: “Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Families, Genus, Species.”  Students are starting to learn about what the main kingdoms are and are breaking them down into smaller classifications.

What does a comet and an asteroid have in common?  They come from space!! Eighth grade students are learning about what we find in space.  Meteoroids, meteorites, and much much more!  How is a star born?  Grade 8 students can tell you!  What does it mean to see a black hole?  They also did a creative project in creating their own constellation with white dots and black paper.  Grade 8 is very creative!!

Homework Assignments
Grade 6- Learning your terms about minerals. What are the properties of minerals?  What is the criteria that makes up a mineral?
Grade 7- Density....What is volume?  How do we measure volume two ways? What is the difference between mass and weight?
What is the formula for density?  
Grade 8- Ecosystems, Ecology...What are the important factors to an ecosystem? Abiotic? Biotic?  What is the difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph?