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Mr. Kennedy


Dear Stewartstown Families,

The purpose of this letter is to share with you what I am planning on for your student’s science education.  First, I am dividing the school year into three major science areas: life science, earth science, and physical science.  Your science student will be engaged in various labs, projects, research, and various ways to learn all about science topics and what it offers for their futures.

Some days the students will be working either in a group, with a partner or individually.  They will have access to their iPads to do research and find a way to present various topics.  This week and next week I will be strengthening their knowledge about lab reports and the scientific method.  This skill is very important for preparing them for their high school days in science.

Grading will be broken down into the following categories and the percent each is worth for their final quarterly grade:

·         15% Journals/Homework

·         15% Challenges (Daily warm up activity to strengthen their learning)

·         15% Lab Reports/Reports

·         15% Quizzes

·         40% Tests

 I am always available to discuss your student’s education.  Please feel free to call me to set up an appointment if need-be.



John Kennedy

Science Teacher Grades 6-8