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Mr. Kennedy


Middle School Science

6th and 7th

Young scientists continue to learn about physical and chemical changes of substances.  They are also learning about physical and chemical properties.  Vocabulary words that have been studied are the following: solute, solvent, reactants, products, chemical bond, and reactions.  There are three types of reactions: synthesis, decomposition and replacement.

Students learned about the rate of reaction by doing an experiment involving an antacid tablet.  Placing both powder and tablet form the young scientists learned the difference.  They are now learning about the pH scale involving acids and bases.


8th graders have finalized their learning about weather and weather conditions.   There are four major factors that influence weather: humidity, temperature, precipitation, and wind conditions.  The students just recently started the unit on climate.  They are presently working on a weather project involving world cities.  Each student randomly selected a city to research what the climate is like.