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Mr. Kennedy

Middle School Science


                Science News for Middle Schoolers!

Another school year is upon us.  Once again, science students will be engaged, learning, and increasing 

their scientific knowledge.  I hope to challenge your student each and every day.

Grading system for all grades include the following:

35%-Tests, Presentations

20%-Lab Reports

15% Homework

15% Quizzes

15% Challenges ( Question, Create something, etc.)

I am always here to help in any way to improve your child’s understanding of science topics.  Please call 

246-7082, email jkennedy@scs.sau7.org, or come visit me at the school.


Sixth grade students have been working on animal adaptations recently.  After learning about genetics, grade 6 students are turning their attention on why animals do what they do.  Do you know the difference between behavioral adaptation and structural adaptation?  Ask a student in grade 6.  They are currently working on a project involving birds.  Working with a partner, they have been asked to create a presentation about their bird (eagle, duck, parrot, etc.) and how it acts in its environment. 

Look up at the sky at night!  What do you see?  Grade 7 students are learning about the stars.  How are they born?  How do they die?  Why do they shine?  They are learning about light years, fusion and other important vocabulary words involving this topic.  Do you know if a blue star is hotter than a red star?  Ask a student in grade 7.

Do you know the difference between a renewable and non-renewable energy source?  Ask a grade 8 student about the business they are creating that uses renewable energy.  Presentations will include an advertisement as well.  Which is better? Solar? Wind? Water?  There are three groups currently researching this information.