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The link above is a short tutorial of Google Classroom for students and parents.

During these months all assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. Weekly office hours are available for all students. Every Tuesday students will meet virtually with their teacher to discuss the week's calendar. All students are encouraged to participate within these meetings, as they are a class participation grade. If a student is unable to attend an email should be sent to the teacher prior. Students are expected to work an average of 60-90 minutes daily on their math work. Every day materials will be graded with feedback. All grades are updated weekly to MMS. It is extremely important all students are checking Google Classroom daily for new posts, assignments, materials, due dates and even virtual rewards! Throughout all of this please remember - your teacher misses you and looks forward to working with you soon. Keep up the hard work folks! 

In our sixth grade math class we are finishing up our unit on ratios. Within this time students worked with unit rates as well. For a project to correspond with this unit students created posters comparing 4 products using unit cost.The students used this knowledge to compare and determine cheaper priced products. 

In our seventh grade math class we are still continuing our Geometry unit. We have spent our time working with measurements of polygons and classifying triangles. A recent project in our room was the triangle construction. Students were to create an image using only triangles. All the triangles were to be numbered, lengths measured, angles measured and classified using that information. 

In our eighth grade math class we are beginning our Budget Project. We have spent time working with income tax, property tax, filing taxes, and interest rate on loans. Students have picked their dream jobs and researched job availability throughout the country. Upon picking their jobs students are now looking for places to live within their budget needs. Moving forward students will purchase a vehicle  and find college costs.

In our sixth grade math class we are finishing up our unit on integers. Students have created integer timelines of their lives as well as games to practice operations with integers. Within this time students have completed integer mazes and scavenger hunts to help with their understandings of the different rules when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. 

In our seventh grade math class we are continuing our Geometry unit. Students have created a business logo using various geometric figures as our latest project. We are now working with different types of graphs. Students are currently working with circle graphs, collecting data, finding the fraction, decimal, percent, and degrees of the circle. Students are constructing these by hand using compasses and protractors as well as programs online. 

In our eighth grade math class we are also continuing our Geometry unit. Students have been working a lot with transformations. Using an image of their choice they performed 2 different transformations: reflection, translation, rotation or dilation. Most of the students picked characters from Spongebob, so we now have created a “Transformations from Bikini Bottom” bulletin board in our room. As we finish this unit up we are focusing on finding square roots of irrational numbers. 

Shoutout to the middle school classes for exceeding all expectations on our Tab War! We still have one week of collections and we have already brought in over 80,000 tabs, which is over 16 hours of dialysis. Everyone should be proud of their contributions. Thank you everyone for your participation in this event! 

In our sixth grade class we are finishing up our Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest before Christmas break. After vacation, we will focus our time on integers - comparing, ordering and plotting. Once students have mastered this we will begin working with operations with integers: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. 

In our seventh grade class students are finishing up their second stage of the budget projects, where they were given their life cards. Before vacation students will be constructing a scaled gingerbread house using their dream vacation blueprint. This will be done within a given budget. 

In our eighth grade class we are beginning our Geometry unit. Students have collected data to construct circle graphs of their using geometric tools. Moving forward, we will focus our time on area and circumference of circles. Students will complete a pizza comparison project to reinforce this concept. 

 Tuesday 11/26 we will be having our Thanksgiving Dinner to celebrate our conclusion of fractions lesson. We have been working a lot with decimals and estimation. We are expanding our knowledge of multiplication to multiplying with decimals. To implement this mathematical concept to the holiday season students are creating their own Holiday Sweater. Students are given a budget and requirements for their sweater. They will be taking what they have learned about multiplying decimals and using that when renting materials to construct their sweater. In the upcoming lessons, instead of dividing with remainders students will be learning to divide with decimals. 

Students have been working hard on their budget projects, finishing up their first draft and receive life cards soon. To finish out our lesson on area and perimeter students will be building scaled gingerbread houses before the holiday break. We will then be working working on equations. Not only one step but two step equations with decimals. In upcoming lessons, we will be working a lot with  fractions and the different operations/rules.

 In our eighth grade class we are working linear equations, students have been introduced to the slope of a line and how to figure it using the formulas. For project that corresponds with slope and slope intercept form students created a work using negative, positive, no slope, and undefined  slope. We will continue our work with slope and slope intercept form in the upcoming week.

In our sixth grade class, we are currently working with equations, where students are solving for missing variables and drawing models to represent expressions. Students are also working hard on their projects. They are planning their “Dream Vacation” which includes travel expenses, airfare, food, attractions and hotel costs. This project connects closely to real life which involves several mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. 

In our seventh grade class, we are working with equations. Students will be working with inequalities. A previous lesson on formulas has been implemented in an ongoing project in our class. Students are creating their “Dream House,” where they are drawing blueprints of each room. For each room students have to find the area and perimeter. These drawings will be drawn to scale using graph paper where ¼ inch represents 1 foot. The final step of this project will be designing their house using a computer program on their new chromebooks.

In our eighth grade class, we have been working a lot with classifying numbers. Students have a much better understanding of natural, whole, integers, rational, and irrational numbers. Soon students will begin working on their budget projects where they will get a job and budget their expenses monthly. 

Math Moments Captured 

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