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In our sixth grade class students are continuing their work with dividing with decimals. Students have familiarized themselves with the different rules. The are currently working hard on a party planning project. Students are in charge of organizing a themed party of some sort they are responsible to doing all the calculations to figure the total cost as well as individual cost.

In our seventh grade math class students continue their work with solving equations with integers and decimals. Students have created games to practice this concept more, some of decided to create something similar to bingo while others wanted to make a technology based game.

In our eighth grade class students have been working a lot with percentage: taxes, increase and decrease. These concepts will lead us nicely into our next budgeting project where students will be doing a lot of research and planning a monthly project given a specific career and that income.

In our sixth grade math class students have been working a lot with the operations with fractions. Students will be finalizing their recipes that correspond with their given scenario cards. Moving forward, we will be working more with patterns and equations. Students will be solving for variables within given patterns, creating tables and solving word problems.

In our seventh grade math class students have be working on conversions of fractions, decimals and percentages. Students will be mastering their knowledge of operations with decimals over the next couple of weeks. As an extension of prior knowledge students will be introduced to and working with negative exponents as well this month.

Students are finishing up a lot of work with inequalities, solving, writing, and graphing. The upcoming units will consist of working a lot with equations. Students will be reviewing solving for equations, as well as numerical and algebraic expressions. A new mathematical concept students will be familiarizing themselves with is the properties of equality.

In our math sixth class we have been working with variables and expressions. Students have reviewed exponents as well as the properties of operations. A new property introduced to them this year was the distributive property. Moving forward, students will be using variables to write expressions and evaluating algebraic expressions. For their first project, students are planning their dream vacation. This requires students to pick a destination and research airlines, hotels, and attractions. Students will be required to complete an itinerary and total budget sheet for their stay. This project is designed to review mathematical operations with decimals.

In our seventh grade class we have been working a lot with operations with integers. Students are reviewing the rules when adding and subtracting with positive and negative numbers. To help better understand this concept, students have been using a number line as a tool. Moving forward, students will be completing their first project using coordinate planes. Students are creating and graphing an image of their choice. Their image must contain at least 60 points, all in which are labeled with the ordered pair and quadrant number.

In our eighth grade class we have been reviewing classifying numbers as irrational, rational, integers, whole numbers, and natural numbers. In addition to classifying students are comparing, estimating, graphing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with rational numbers. Our first project is a favorite for football fans in the classroom. Students are creating their own Fantasy Football League. Students will be drafting a QB, RB, and WR and tracking their stats per week and calculating them using the scoring system I have created. To conclude the project students will be comparing their players points to others in the class and graphing their information to determine who drafted the best league.

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In our sixth grade math class we are finishing up our work with dividing fractions with decimals and moving on to our unit on integers. Students will be introduced to absolute value, inverse, and operations with integers. As a project students will be creating their own timelines that show their knowledge of plotting integers and events on a number line.

In our seventh grade math class students have spent some time review operations with fractions. Moving forward we will be working with ratios and solving for unit rates. For a project associated with this concept students will be compare different brand items and solving which is the better option by solving for the unit rate.

In our eighth grade class students have been working hard on their budget projects. Everyone has completed their expenses portion and are now working on savings. This week students will be given their “life cards” and will have to go back and change what is necessary for their cards. This unit has really emphasized how relevant math is to the real world by reviewing tax, simple interest, compound interest, commission, gratuity, and percent increase/decrease.


In our sixth grade math class we have been working a lot with decimals and estimation. We are expanding our knowledge of multiplication to multiplying with decimals. To implement this mathematical concept to the holiday season students are creating their own Holiday Sweater. Students are given a budget and requirements for their sweater. They will be taking what they have learned about multiplying decimals and using that when renting materials to construct their sweater. In the upcoming lessons, instead of dividing with remainders students will be learning to divide with decimals.

To conclude our unit on area, students created and built scaled gingerbread houses, everyone did really well and enjoyed this project. We are now working on equations. Not only one step but two step equations with decimals. In upcoming lessons, we will be working a lot with  fractions and the different operations/rules.

In our eighth grade class we are working linear equations, students have been introduced to the slope of a line and how to figure it using the formulas. For project that corresponds with slope and slope intercept form students created a work using negative, positive, no slope, and undefined  slope. We will continue our work with slope and slope intercept form in the upcoming week.

In our sixth grade math class we are continuing our work with equations. Students are learning how to use the inverse operation to help them solve one and two step equations. Their project this month is the “Million Dollar Project,” which is a slight continuation of their last dream vacation project but students are required to research college costs, housing, and vehicles.

In our seventh grade class we are continuing our work with integers. Students are still mastering the rules when adding and subtracting with integers. To help practice and understand this concept students are creating a timeline of their lives using integers. Students are required to calculate the date of an event to the nearest integer and then are asked to graph on a number line.

In our eighth grade class we have spend a lot of time working with the Pythagorean theorem. Students are now taking what they have learned about this and applying it in a flight plan project where they are asked to determine different distances using the Pythagorean theorem.

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