American Heritage Tour 2018-2019

Calendar Raffle-  Winners:
Salt Lamp: Kelsey Skillin
$20 Cash from Northern Tire: Judy Grimes
Mostly Muffins Gift Certificate: Clair Scaltreato
$15 Cash from Scott's RV Service: Debby Johnson
$10 Blue Seal Feeds Gift Certificate: Jodi Young
Green Acres Dinner for 4: Gage Grover
Li Wah Gift Certificate: Richard Marchessault
$40 Cash from Boire Firewood Bundles: Jeff Pettit
North Country Ford hat & shirt: Allen Dumont
Oil Change from Cunningham's- Jeff Pettit
Northern Exposure gift certificate- Bob & Edith
6 Swim Lessons to NCCRC- Dawn Pettit
Headband & T-shirt from Mathieu's Martial Arts- Bob & Edith
Bird Seed & Feeder from Brooks' Agway- Allen Dumont
$50 gift certificate from Napa- Suzanne Madore
$10 gift certificate to Northern Outlet- Jillian Scott
$25 gift certificate to Grampy's- Corinne Dowse
Owen Boys Syrup- Donna Estes
Free Tank Pump from Bolens Septic- Aaron Owen
Packrats basket of goodies- Patricia Greenwood
$20 cash from Gary Eastman Quality Used Tires- Jodi Young
Paparazzi Gift Bag by Ashley Hodge- Christine Cote
$50 gift certificate from Poulins Sales- Cassandra Atwood
Massage from Kneading Knots ($50 Value)- Jillian Scott
$30 gift certificate from Pauline's Boutique- Clair Scaltreato
Half Day rental from Bear Rock Adventures- John Hull
Shampoo & Conditioner from Golden Locks ($32 value)- Sasha Uran
$20 Gift Card to Log Haven- Darleen Placey
Colebrook Country Club Greens Fee ($25 value)- Dawn Pettit
Colebrook Copy Center Calendar Photo Creation- Annette Cavicchio
Watch from Pauline's Boutique- Edwin & Sam
Oil Change & Filter from Eames Garage- Ina Crowell
Hair Cut from the Hair Company- Nelson Boire
$10 Gift Certificate from Moose Alley Cones- Sierra Saari
$40 cash from NBT- Jillian Scott
$25 Gift Certificate from Strike Zone- Michelle Hinds 
$15 cash from Errol General Store- Christine Cote
Fly Fishing Lesson from Lopstick- Michelle Lassonde
$25 Gift Certificate to the Spa- Jillian Scott
Solar System Marble Set from LL Cote- Jen Mathieu
Shampoo, Conditioner, & Hair Spray from La Petit Salon- Darrin Scott
Dream Catcher from LL Cote- Amanda Coutu
$40 Gift Card from PA Hicks- Nelson Boire
Large 2 topping pizza & soda from CHOPS- Kelly Dumont
2 Schleich Figures from Blue Seal Feeds- Christine Cote
$25 Gift Card to Diamond Peaks Store- Jen Mathieu
$20 Cash from Carney Auction Service- Nelson Boire
$50 Cash from Cabin Country Builders- Kara Goodwin
Adult T-Shirt from Mathieu's Martial Arts- Abigail Marcotte
$60 Gift Certificate to Ramblewood Cabins- Richard Dumont
$25 Gift Card to Black Bear Tavern- Pierre Allard
$50 Cash from Umbagog Snowmobile Groomers- John Hull
$50 Gift Certificate from Time out Tavern- Dawn Pettit 
$40 cash from McAllister farm- Michelle Lassonde
Fleece Sweatshirt from Lemieux Garage ($60 value)- Jodi Young
Maple Basket from April's Maple- Sam & Pete
$50 cash from Cabins at Lopstick- Beth Howes
One year subscription to the News & Sentinel- Allen Dumont
$25 Gift Card to Rainbow Grille- Pam Bouchard
Golf Balls from Ducret's ($25 value)- Cassandra Atwood
$25 Gift Card from C-4 Automotive- Donna Inkel
$20 cash from Ladd Tree Farm- Clair Scaltreato
$10 Gift Certificate from Treats & Treasures- Daniel Frechette
$50 cash from Boire Logging- Jacie Colby
Pizza & Soda from Quechee Farms- Aaron Owen
$10 Cash from Joe Hope & Son Construction- John Hull
$25 Gift Certificate to Young's Store- Stephanie Mathieu
$50 cash from the Hawg Trawf- Jim & Maureen
Diamond Art from Lin Jo Creations- Boire Logging
Himalayan Salt Ball from Kheops- Edith & Bob
Shampoo set from Joanne's Added Attractions- Tracy Owen
Windchime from Kheops- Jennie Ericksen

The students of seventh, and eighth grade have been offered the opportunity to attend The American Heritage Tour. (preference will be given to all eighth grade students before seventh within the district. Sixth grade will then be allowed to have any remaining seats offered to them.) 

The Tillotson Foundation has graciously offered a substantial grant of $11,000 , and the Kiwanis of Colebrook offers an additional $1500 to help reduce the cost to each attending student. We greatly appreciate their donation to our area youth.


2018/2019 American Heritage Tour


  • Tuesday, May 1, 2018 – Sunday, May 6, 2018
  • Some of the planned stops:
      • N.Y City-Time Square, United Nations, Broadway Play, Grand Central Station.
    • Philadelphia- Liberty Bell, Independence Hall
    • Washington DC-US Capital, National Zoo, Arlington Nat. Cemetery, many memorials and Smithsonian museums


Seven students have been selected!


MARCH   2019


Himalayan Salt Lamp Pauline’s Boutique

$40.00 value

$20.00 Cash

Northern Tire


½ dozen Muffins GC

Mostly Muffins

$16.50 value

$15.00 Cash

Scotts Rv Service


$10.00 Gift Cert

Blue Seal Feeds

Dinner for 4

Green Acres Farm Stand

$50.00 value


$25.00 Gift Cert.

Li-Wah Restaurant

$40.00 Cash

Boire Firewood Bundles

North Country Ford Hat & Shirt


Free Oil Change

Cunningham’s Full SS

$36.00 value

$20.00 Gift Cert

Northern Exposure Restaurant


6 swim lessons

NC Comm. Rec. Center

$50.00 value

Youth Head band & T Shirt

Mathieu’s Martial Arts


Bird Feeder & Seed

Brook’s Agway

$30.00 value

$50.00 Gift Cert

Napa/ Coos Auto Supply


$10.00 Gift Cert.

Northern Outlet of NE

$25.00 Gift Card

Grampy’s Drive In

Owens Boys Maple syrup


Free Tank Pumping

Bolens Septic

$300.00 Value

Basket of goodies



$20.00 cash

Gary Eastman

Quality Used Tires

Paparazzi Gift Bag

Ashley Hodge


$50.00 Gift Cert

Poulins Sales


Kneading Knots

$50 value


$30.00 Gift Cert.

Pauline’s Boutique

Half day rental Snowmobile or RZR

Bear Rock Adventure


Shampoo & Conditioner

Golden Locks

$32.00 value

$20.00 Gift Card

Log Haven


Greens Fee

Colebrook Country Club

$25.00 value

Calendar Photo Creation

Colebrook Copy Center



Pauline’s Boutique

$20.00 value

Oil Change & Filter

Eames Garage


$10.00 Gift Cert.

Moose Alley Cones

$40.00 Nelson Boire Transport


$25.00 Gift Cert.

Strike Zone

$15.00 Cash

Errol General Store

1 hr Fly Fishing cast. Lesson

Cabins at Lopstick


$25.00 Gift Cert.

The Spa Restaurant

Solar System Marble set

LL Cote

$16.99 value


Shampoo Conditioner & Hair Spray from La Petit Salon $35.00 Value

Dream Catcher

LL Cote

$40.00 value


$40.00 Gift Card

P A Hicks

Large 2 topping Pizza

& soda

Colebrook House of Pizza


2 Schleich Figures

Blue Seal Feeds

$25.00 Gift Card

Diamond Peaks store

$20.00 cash

Carney Auction Service


$50.00 cash

Cabin Country Builders

Adult T Shirt

Mathieu’s Martial Arts

$60.00 Gift Cert

Ramblewood Cabins


$25.00 Gift Card

Black Bear Tavern

$50.00 Cash

Umbagog  Snowmobile Groomers


$50.00 Gift Cert.

Time Out Tavern

$40.00 Cash

McAllister farm


Fleece Sweatshirt

Lemieux Garage

$60.00 value

Maple Basket

April’s Maples

$50.00 cash

Cabins at Lopstick


One Year Subscription

News and Sentinel

$30.00 value

$25.00 Gift Card

Rainbow Grill


Golf Balls

Ducret’s Sporting Goods

$25.00 value

$25.00 Gift Card


$20.00 Cash

Ladd Tree Farm


$10.00 Gift Cert.

Treats and Treasures

$50.00 Cash

Boire Logging


Large Pizza and 2 l. Soda

Quechee Farms

$10.00 Cash

Joe Hope and Son Construction


$25.00 gift Cert

Young’s General Store

$50.00 cash

Hawg Trawf


Diamond Art

Lin-Jo Creation


Himalayan Salt Ball

Kheops International

More donations could be added.